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Find FREE Coupons, Including Grocery & Printable Coupons From ALL The Top Stores & Brands, Promo Codes Plus Tips On How To Save Money With Coupon Mom. If you go online to Purina, you can sign up for a FREE 50g sample of Purina One dry cat food as well as a 1 off coupon when you sign up to the three-week challenge. You'll then receive a a 50p off coupon for the second week, and a 1 off coupon when you complete the challenge. Whether you want an affordable night off from cooking or simply love discovering restaurant deals, RetailMeNot is your go-to spot for savings. Here we've compiled our best offers for Olive Garden, Chili's, Pizza Hut and more. We know it can cost a lot to feed your army, aka your family, and  Most of the time, a person will pay for a whole cart full of groceries while handing over less than 10 coupons.

They end up normally saving a few bucks off the entire order. In the simple example of the Chex Mix coupon I have, I could walk into a grocery store or drug store and find the Chex Mix for $2.99 and hand them my  Common Mistakes When Grocery Shopping with Coupons. 1. Using a Coupon on a Full-Priced Item. If you use a $1.00 off coupon on a full-priced box of cereal priced at $4.99, you don't save much money. This actually violates the two tenets of extreme couponing: Only buy items that are on sale, and combine that sale with  For example, a coupon offering 50 cents off a specific brand and size of dog food will be processed by a cashier just as if the shopper handed them the cash. The number one responsibility of the shopper when using coupons is to make certain they purchase the exact item displayed within the terms of the 

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