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This is MYJAR's collection of top recommended websites and apps that will help you to manage & save your money. GetJar is the biggest open appstore in the world, currently listing 947559+ apps with more than 3M downloads per day. I would like to virtualized my app, so make it usable in the brozer for my team. But my app is a jar file. If I plublish it as a jar then when I try to play it, it crash with error 2. The same if I publish a self extracting archive with the jar in it. The same again if I publish a .exe installer made with nsis.

MY RECHARGE MONEY TRANSFER ANDROID. The reason you don't need superuser privileges is that you're not actually running a new application, merely invoking an existing one (java) with different arguments. Java is the application that is installed on your machine and has been signed. Your jar file is, as far as the OS is concerned, just a data file you  I look forward to the day when people can exchange .jar applications just like they exchange PDF and GIF today. To distribute an application, I'll just put its .jar file on my web page along with a single link to the official current Java Runtime download page for people who don't have Java installed (just like PDF and acrobate  My Memory Jar allows you to capture those special fleeting moments and instantly put them away so you can enjoy them later. You can add tags to your memories to quickly sort and organize.

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