Quick Quid

Wizzcash is the alternative to a Quick Quid payday loan. We offer payday loans with low APR of up to £1000 that can be paid back over 3 months. While we are no longer offering QuickQuid FlexCredit® loans, our flexible short-term loans are still available. If approved, borrow up to £1000! QuickQuid Loans are available through our site. Quickquid feature on our panel of lenders so when you apply, you'll be considered by QuickQuid and other top UK short term lenders. Have used QuickQuid for several small loans, always have paid on time and dependable borrower.

Upon JUST CHECKING potential loan quote was informed I am declined for a loan, have not even requested one. Would never use them again and would not recomend the company to  Compare Satsuma Loans to QuickQuid to see the differences in the product offerings for a short term loan. Looking for a QuickQuid payday loan? Why not try our smart alternative to payday loans, with a far lower APR. The latest Tweets from QuickQuid (@QuickQuid). Warning: Late repayment can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to https:///1dYft4T0xu — Visit our blog, http:///rfIM5h8Njg.

“Compare that to QuickQuid, whose short-term loans can only span as much as three pay periods. ”